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CVA (Company Voluntary Arrangement)

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A Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) consists of a deal between the company and its creditors to repay them from future profits and is a deal designed to preserve the company, rebuild sales and profits and pay something back over a period of time to be agreed. The company directors remain in control and personal guarantees do not get called in. A well-structured CVA is a beneficial tool to ensuring the survival of a business.

A successful CVA is based on:

  • A commercially structured deal
  • Appropriate levels of working capital in addition to debt restructuring
  • A determination to make the company arrangement work

Directors must understand that the creditors’ objectives are paramount when putting together the arrangement.

If the business has a viable future, there is an acceptance of the need for change, the directors are prepared to fight for survival and appropriate funding can be found, then a CVA is an exceptional tool.

An arrangement can be proposed by the directors of the company but, when a company is in liquidation or administration, then the liquidator or administrator can propose the arrangement. However, it can only be proposed if the company is insolvent.

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