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Refinancing is part-and-parcel of everyday business life, whether it entails negotiating new bank facilities, renewing overdrafts or entering into a factoring agreement.

If the company is under pressure then the directors must consider whether raising additional finance against assets is the right solution to the problem.

There are a number of different finance and funding options. Our advice is to consider the pros and cons of each product before making any final decision.

Your finance options include:

  • Small Firms Loan Guarantee Scheme
  • Factoring or invoice discounting
  • Bank overdraft
  • Asset refinance
  • Stock finance
  • Venture Capital
  • Directors’ Loans

We will work with you to help you to decide the most appropriate finance option for your business.

To discuss your refinancing options please call Phil or another member of our team on 0333 014 3454. Alternatively, visit one of our local offices or email us:


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