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Licensed Insolvency Practitioners – Macclesfield

Is your Macclesfield business facing threats of closure and court action due to unpaid debts?

If so, our team of Macclesfield-based insolvency practitioners can help. A business can face financial problems for many reasons, but all too often difficulties with cash flow mean they can no longer meet their debt repayment obligations, and demands from creditors begin mounting up.

Areas covered from our office in Macclesfield include:

– Leek
– Buxton
– Wilmslow
– Alderley Edge
– Hazel Grove

We can help you draft an insolvency strategy that meets the needs of you, your employees and your creditors, and potentially gives you a blank slate to start again without any liabilities.

We can also mediate with creditors to arrange a more manageable repayment schedule, including the possibility of spreading your costs, consolidating your debts or even lowering the amount owed.

To take successful action and to avoid a stressful and unfavourable insolvency, you need to act early. Even if you are already facing court action, it may not be too late to put an alternative agreement in place, but the earlier you speak to us, the better chance you have of rescuing your business.

We provide the knowledge, support and practical advice to formulate a practical insolvency plan and see it through to completion.

Call us on the number below or visit us at our Macclesfield office for a free consultation with one of our insolvency practitioners.

BCR Macclesfield Office
Beechfield House
Winterton Way
Lyme Green Business Park
Tel: 0333 014 3454


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