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Manchester city center

For businesses in Manchester and the surrounding Lancashire area, our team of licensed insolvency practitioners provide reliable, impartial advice for struggling businesses.

Areas covered from our office in Manchester include:

– Stockport
– Oldham
– Bury
– Bolton
– Altrincham
– Sale
– Wigan

Whatever the reason for your company’s problems, our practitioners have the experience and skills to help. If you are facing insolvency or are worried about your company’s debts, get in touch today.

There are many different solutions available to you. These include voluntary liquidation, and administration, whereby the assets/business could potentially be sold back to its directors under a new company structure. Contrary to popular misconceptions, insolvency does not automatically mean the end of your career as a company director.

We have helped dozens of Manchester based businesses navigate the insolvency process through a combination of sound advice and by discussing the realistic options available. Even in the worst-case scenario, insolvency need not mean ‘the end of the road’ for you and your employees. We can liaise with the court and your creditors wherever necessary.

If you are concerned about the viability of your business, the time to act is now. Please don’t delay, as the earlier we can make arrangements with your creditors and/or the court, the better chance you have of securing a positive outcome.

All our services are provided in the strictest confidence and your first consultation is free.

For more information, please visit our office or give us a call today to speak to one of our licensed insolvency practitioners.

BCR Manchester Office
Imperial Court
2 Exchange Quay
M5 3EB
Tel: 0333 014 3454


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